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Bodyform Wing Ultra Normal Pack Of 10 Pads (4 Pack) Price Marked £1.49

Brand: Bodyform

Pack size: 4 x 10PK
RRP: £1.49
Price Marked: Yes
VAT: 0%


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Product Details

V-Fresh & Protected Your V-zone deserves respect and care. Our towel lets your intimate area breathe and stay free from stickiness and sweat, absorbing blood fast, keeping you fresh and protected, all day long. Our ultra-breathable towel with SecureFit™, keeps your V-zone (that's more than just your vagina or vulva!) fresh, clean and protected all day. Giving you the reassurance you need to go conquer. Breathable Ultra-breathable top layer helps intimate skin breathe naturally so you feel fresh. Securefit™ Shaped to fit your body with a unique front and back, to protect you during your period.





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